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December 1st, 2008

09:59 pm: Best year EVER, but preparing for for an even better 2009!
Wow, LiveJournal.
So, a trip down memory lane with a good friend brought me here a couple of nights ago. After exploring my past journal and being sufficiently embarrassed I decided that livejournal was good for more than expressing my teenybopper heart.
2008 started as one of the worst years of my life and the lives of those around me. It was the first year since I watched my grandmother pass away. There was just something strange and final about starting a new year without her. I know she would have never wanted me to look at it that way, but it was hard not to. She was a huge part of my strength. 2008 also brought with it the sadness of watching my uncle, perhaps the one of the best men I have ever met, succumb to his battle with pancreatic cancer. It is unimaginable to watch such a strong man battle such an ugly disease. Don't get me wrong, there were some lights throughout the beginning of 2008. I got closer to some great friends and family members. I went on some fun trips and had a great birthday party thanks to some pretty determined friends who aren't afraid to ride in a car for 12 hours one way.
2008 also brought with it a pretty incredible work load when it comes to grad school. Papers, projects, tests, crazy amounts of reading, and the amazing internship. I have been locked in my room working on all of this for more hours than I can count!!

August '08 brought with it some much needed changes, and they couldn't have come at a better time. Rewind to August, when this unimaginable adventure began. Dayton, OH in the middle of some random residential neighborhood, the winning team took the Unbreakable Tour by storm from the beginning. It was then we realized that this was going to be epic. Little did we imagine just how epic it would end up. 90% of the cities that were visited were uncharted territory for me, something that wouldn't have been explored this year, or ever, if it hadn't been for this tour. I've had the opportunity to meet some of the most amazing people with whom I have made memories that will never be forgotten. And by memories, I mean those pee in your pants moments that nobody understands unless you were there.
road trips, caravans, impromptu mall trips, random dance parties, very little sleep, incestuous concert kisses, last minute plans, the hollywood hills, drive throughs, panic explosion, chloe cutting off my circulation every night, early morning calls for directions, growing love for AJ, long talks with Bizzle, Brian being left in my care, girlicious, donnie, ma'am ma'am, and soooo many more!
I am truly blessed to have been able to experience all of these things with such amazing people by my side. To those of you who were with me every step of the way this year through the good bad and ugly, thank you. I couldn't ask for better friends. To those of you I have met along the way this year, I can't wait to experience future amazingness with you next year!!
I love you all!!!!

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